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“I am the greatest power in and on the heaven and earth,Go bring my people back to me….I will always walk with you whenever you will go with signs and wonders
These are the words that God spoke to Pastor Robert Kayanja as HE was calling Him into ministry.
The calling on Pastor Robert Kayanja has been seen coming to manifest wherever He has been around the world.
The same manifestation continue to happen in the 77 Days of Glory at Miracle Center Cathedral. And below are some of the many miracle signs and wonders that have happened with Pastor Robert Kayanja in the 77DOGs.

People giving their lives to Jesus

The greatest Miracle of all miracles has always been salvation. In these 77 DOGs a great number of people have given their lives to Jesus like never before in Uganda. A Total of 170 people get saved on average every day and 500.people on every Miracle friday overnight.

This is quite a big number on a daily basis.
People have been willing to come to our Lord Jesus and leave all their wicked ways.
We have seen many people surrender their witchcraft and letting to be burnt.

A Lady surrendering her witchcraft to Pastor Robert kayanja

Pastor Robert kayanja dismantling the witchcraft materials

Pastor Robert Kayanja stepping on the witchcraft as a sign a devil is under our feet and no powers whatsoever in witchcraft


This woman had been crippled,walking on crutches for the last 19 years.

Pastor Robert Kayanja rejoicing for what lord had done for the lady

But Pastor Robert Kayanja started praying and then asking people to do what they couldnt do in the past,this lady raised her faith and raised her crutches up and started walking.

She Got totally healed by the power of the holygost.

Three weeks ago, Josephine slid, fell and hurt her leg very badly.

How Josephine used to walk before her healing

She went to Mengo hospital the following day, had an x-ray done and results showed that one of her bones had moved from its position. The muscle was also damaged and another one of her bones had developed a crack.
They put a plaster cast on her and she was given crutches. She was advised not to stand on her leg without support.

Josephine testifying with Pastor Robert Kayanja

After 8 days, however, she was forced to remove the cast due to much pain because her leg was rotting.
She went to a clinic and was given treatment but kept on watching channel 44.

Josephine putting her crutches up and walking after deliverance

She saw Isaac Kakeeto being prayed for, raised her faith and did what she couldn’t do before.

Josephine walking on her own testifying and rejoicing before Jesus after her healing

“I felt the pain leave my leg. I can now walk without the help of crutches and with no pain”, she said.


Mary celebrating her victory over cancer

Mary Nakimuli had been suffering from breast cancer with great pain; unable to raise her right hand. She had to wear a diaper over her breast because it was oozing with pus and the stench from it was unbearable. She had also tried different cancer treatments including chemotherapy but it all failed. When Pastor Robert Kayanja prayed in the overnight, all the pain left her arm and breast and it stopped dripping with pus.She couldn’t hold her tears of joy.


The lady above was crippled for some time and she came for the miracle 77 DOGs overnight in her wheelchair ……But when Pastor Robert Kayanja prayed for the congregation,the power of God touched her and jump from the wheelchair

and was made whole by the power of the holygost.

This old lady from Luweero district uganda, her hip had dislocated, she hadn’t been able to walk on her own or lie on her right side.

The lady doing what she couldn’t do before

When she came to the revival service on Wednesday and stayed until Friday, believing God for her miracle. As the Holy Spirit moved among his people during prayer, she was totally healed

The lady running on the platform acter her deliverance

The lady dancing for Jesus with Pastor Robert Kayanja

and can now I walk, run and even lay on her right side, which she hadn’t been able to do before

A one Nuwabiine Roger was introduced by his children to the 77 Days of Revival that was being broadcast live on channel44.
His kids have been regular viewers of cartoons on channel 44 and that’s how they saw the 77DOGs Services .

Nuwagaba’s Kids receive a gift of a bike from Pastor Robert Kayanja

He was an alcohol and smoking addict but he COMMITTED his life to Christ a just week ago after his kids asked him to bring them to the Miracle Center Cathedral to have a glance on their Favourable Preacher Pastor Robert Kayanja.

Pastor Robert Kayanja enjoying the Joy of Nuwagaba and his Kids

Since then, he has NEVER tasted alcohol or even felt the urge to smoke. He’s HAPPY to be A CHILD of GOD, nolonger a slave to sin.

Isaac Kakeeto was brought in a Sunday night in a very bad condition.

Isaac being brought in church

He was suffering from hypertension and hypoglycemia. He was so weak and in so much pain that he had to be carried in, literally. As Pastor Robert Kayanja ministering the Word of God,He was lead to minister to Isaac with a prophetic word of healing by the holygost.

Isaac leading himself on the pulpit as Jesus was working in his life

He gave him his bible and commanded him to come along himself with the bible at the platform .
Isaac was healed immediately! His strength was restored and he begun to walk on his own.

Isaac giving back Pastor Robert Kayanja’s Bible

Isaac walking around the platform after total deliverance

Isaac’s father giving him a check because he could believe what he was seeing

His family had brought him to the service as a last resort on the way to hospital,

Isaac couldn’t believe it too

but Jesus touched and made Him whole

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