My First (Real) Forays Into Startup Creation

Last weekend, I attended Columbus, Ohio’s first Smart City Hackathon, as presented by Smart Columbus. There I met some really neat people and got to learn a lot while working on the project my team and I completed. I was on one of two teams NOT to win something, but I still had a great experience overall. In the meantime, I met a really neat, driven guy with some amazing ideas, and his energy and passion for his visions compelled me to want to work with him on making them a reality. Right now, we’re putting together Coinsave (name still up in the air), an app that essentially rounds up your purchases to the nearest dollar and invests the difference in cryptocurrency.

Stocks can be risky, but on average, they go up. Cryptocurrency, on the other hand, is in its infancy and quite volatile, to say the least. I imagine more risk-averse people would be quite hesitant to buy into the whole cryptocurrency thing now. Having said that, I firmly believe digital currency will play a bigger and bigger part in the world of money in the coming years and decades, and that knowledgeable people can capitalize on entering the world of cryptocurrecy now.

I don’t have too much experience with creating startups, but I’ve attended many startup-themed events and absorbed a lot of tips and tricks from people much more experienced than I. Before we really make moves into building this application, we first need to verify that there is an interest in something like this. Right now, I’m working on a landing page to allow visitors to subscribe to a mailing list so we can update them as we go. I will be able to post a live link tomorrow. We are also putting together a slide deck and a potential user story to really sell the merit of such an application.

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