My Journey Into Blockchain So Far

A month and a half ago, I started working with another guy on a cryptocurrency asset management idea. We’ve so far completed whitepapers and we believe we are ready to get in touch with investors.

Having said that, I’ve learned a lot in the past several weeks about how all of this is supposed to work. As a technical guy entering a burgeoning industry that I have very little previous experience with, I am now aware that it’s not only necessary for me to be able to interact with APIs and build our application out, but I need to become a true blockchain expert. And to be able to do that, I need to learn new paradigms and get on reading!

I started reading Programming The Blockchain in C# and I purchased a course on Udemy called Ethereum: Decentralized Application Design and Development. As of now, I have an idea of how blockchain and the public ledger work, but I know very little about the technical details programming with blockchain, smart contracts, or building decentralized applications.

To date, every single app I’ve built so far that I’ve shared online has been centralized, and it seems like I’ll have to wrap my head around some new paradigms to really get a firm grasp of dapps (decentralized apps).

By Monday, June 26th, I intend to build some sort of application on Ethereum utilizing a smart contract. I don’t know yet what it would be, but hopefully in my learning something will inspire me.

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