Skirt Sports Giveaway: Double Take Reversible Jacket

A nice perk of being a Skirt Sports Ambassador Captain is that I get to try out products, review them and sometimes even give one away! (**DISCLOSURE** I did receive a free jacket to review, although all opinions are my own.) (UPDATE: GIVEAWAY ENDED 19 NOVEMBER 2015)

The Double Take Reversible jacket is going to definitely be a new fave of mine, although I do have to admit, the weather has been too warm to try it out on an actual run! So far, the coldest it’s been here in Northeast Ohio is mid-upper 40’s and this jacket is just too warm to wear on a run in those temperatures. This is going to be one of those jackets that will get you through those deep winter frigid runs. That being said, it was perfect to run errands in and is stylish enough that it is one of those Skirt Sports items that can be worn at any time — not just when exercising!

So this jacket is two sided! One side (the side shown on the exterior to the left) is a soft/warm faux fur and the other side is a wind and waterproof gray material. The first day I wore this jacket, I was running errands in 45 degree weather with a light rain. With the faux fur side in, it was quite toasty and the waterproof side worked and kept me dry.

There are also three large pockets on the gray side — two in the front and one in the back. I will admit, I wish there was access to the pockets on the faux fur side, however, the front pockets are not too difficult to access even when they are on the inside of the jacket.

The other thing I REALLY like is the zipper! It seems like a really small thing, however, the zipper swizzles around to either side, making it really easy to zip up no matter which side you have out!

So now to the giveaway! Skirt Sports is allowing me to give away one Double Take Reversible Jacket this week! Click here to read more about the jacket.

UPDATE: Congratulations to Kate Zakrzewski of Buffalo, NY, for winning the jacket! I’m sure it will keep you nice and toasty on the trails this winter!

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