Monday Check-in!
Meghan Nesmith

By how much money that I’ve spent this and last weekend, I already know my estimate for next weekend. Anyway, on Friday my dad gave me a ride so that I could buy something for my 20% off discount, I ended getting another 10% off because there was a crack in the back of the chest. So I ended up spending $62.71. I then went home and brought breakfast and a drink for $4.50. I also went to CVS and spent too much money. I spent $29.13.

On Saturday, I was suppose to cover half of my co-worker’s shift, and I did, but I ended up staying and working the closing shift. I brought lunch/dinner at Popeye’s and that was $7.62. Before I went to work, I finally washed my clothes and that was $7.00.

Sunday, it was my mother’s birthday and I was suppose to work but called out because something came up. I brought my mother dinner and she wanted Domino’s, so that ended up being $17.96.

The total amount that I spent was $124.42. I did not estimate how much that I wanted to spent, but I think it would have been more than I actually spent, because I wanted to go food shopping and get my hair done, but didn’t.

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