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I’m happy that people are not of blind to what is being foisted upon them anymore. Once, this was all “conspiracy” theory. And it worked until they doth protested too much! Or was it the wrong is right, up is really down, common sense testing that finally blew the lid off ? All of that and one other element…Americans have, at their core, an idea of justice, fairness, law and order. Hillary Clinton’s email fiasco and dirty, greedy dealings in The Clinton Foundation was a step too far. Though the press had deemed that circus uninteresting, old news, the American people smelled a rat, many rats among the performers. Jumping ship into a sea change is the only logical action, reaction to what stinks. The blatant corruption among the Elite Rulers and the collusion of the press has lit a fire in us. We are in a mood to burn the whole thing down and start fresh.