Content Marketing Trends for 2017

Mary Green
3 min readNov 30, 2016

Remember the good ole days of content marketing? Write up a kick-ass post and rake in the leads?

It just isn’t that easy anymore. Today there is a ton of content, everyday, and you have very little time to get attention, and turn that attention into leads, conversions, etc.

With the prevalence of content shock, here are my suggestions for those just starting.

One Good Post Won’t Be Enough

EVERYTHING you publish has to be valuable. If, over time, you have posts that don’t measure up, your audience will dwindle, people will unsubscribe.

If you need to write newbie posts, don’t put a lot of time into promoting them. People will remember you based on how useful your content is over a short period of time.

Value Checklist:

  • Will they learn something new?
  • Are you giving your expert opinion on something important in your industry?
  • Is it well researched?
  • Is it easy to read?
  • Does it include information (even opinions) that can’t be found on E.V.E.R.Y. blog in the industry?

You Must Publish Often

At least once a month. Don’t publish more often if you can’t deliver on quality. Honestly, look at Klientboost, Groove, and Drift.

Content Promotion is No Longer Optional & Blasts Don’t Work Well

Are you used to publishing content, then throwing it in email, and on social media to get views? While this does work, it isn’t nearly as good as personalized approaches.

For instance, if you send a mass email, some will share on social media based on your relationship with them. If you have a close and helpful relationship, and you ask them to share, they might.

On the other hand, if you send personalized emails where you point out something about the article that pertains to them, or mention something unique about them, and then ask, they are far more likely to share. Consider the following emails:

Subject: 100 Marketing Experts Agree
Email: Hi all, here is our newest post about how 100 Marketing Experts Agree on where you should publish content. Will you check it out and share it on social, please?

Thank you,


Subject: Got a minute?
Email: Hey Fabiola,
Based on our discussion from last week about marketing experts, I thought you might enjoy this post. If you do, can you share it?


Not Every Post Should Be Shared Equally

This is where a lot of people mess up, and why we suffer from content shock. Important and high quality posts should be shared extensively. Other content, or average blog posts, should be shared lightly.

Where & When To Share Blog Posts:

Average blog posts:

  • Social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin
  • Weekly newsletters
  • Triberr
  • Your most active communities, groups, Slacks and Skype groups.

Phenomenal blog posts and Landing pages:

  • Facebook ads
  • Targeted Linkedin groups (you must test these prior)
  • Segmented parts of your email lists
  • Personal emails to friends and colleagues
  • Community sites
  • DM’s on Twitter and PM’s on Slack
  • Everything under Average blog posts above.

Current Content Quality Inventory

It’s time to revisit your content and get rid of the junk slowing you down (along with the internal links to that junk). Here are a few trends I think will be seen from this:

  • Deleting old posts: Look at your content, any pieces that have been around for awhile yet are not converting or delivering the level of value you assumed they would, should be deleted. Delete from your social tools, as well.
  • Updating old posts: Those posts you wrote about tools, experts, and blogs to follow, they need to be updated. Add an updated date to the top of the post, delete people who have moved to other industries or passed on. Similarly, remove tools that have closed down, and add new tools. Repromote.
  • Promoting old posts: A serious issue I see in content is the old content that was never properly promoted. It didn’t even have a chance. Right now there are awesome posts out there with 7 views. I see it all the time with new clients (I used Buzzsumo’s Chrome extension). I then set up MeetEdgar, and put together a plan to regularly promote an oldie but godie.

No Need to be Altruistic

Ask for the sale, you’ve given value, and people need the slight push to learn more about your company. It isn’t frowned upon, even HubSpot uses in text CTA’s and they are some of the highest converting CTA’s on their site.

So that’s what I see happening, what’s your take for 2017?



Mary Green

Community & Advocacy Marketing Consultant. I run Customer Engagement Weekly.