Do You Want To Work, Or Do You Just Want to Say You Want To Work?

I know, you can’t afford your utility bill. You aren’t sure how you’ll put food on the table, and you are afraid you won’t be able to make rent.

It isn’t that you don’t have any skills. You’re smart, you can do things on your computer that others just wish they could. You’ve practiced for awhile, done some intern work and you actually have something on your resume.

But you aren’t a go getter. You aren’t out there getting a job, you are just comfortable talking about it, looking at job openings, occasionally filling out an application and hoping someone will respond.

To Be Successful You Can’t Be A Sheep

Schools are set up to teach us how to be sheep, follow directions, stay in line they say and you’ll be a success. Then we graduate and find out the more we blend in, the less successful we’ll be. Welcome to life, everything you know should be thrown out the window.

Chances are, if we know each other, I care about you a great deal. I get people who ask me every year to help them ‘work from home’. As if it’s some easy task where I just sit here all day clicking on ads and someone drops a decent paycheck in my lap.

I’ve actually started to cringe when people say they want my help because 9.5 out of 10 will never do it. No matter how guaranteed my system for getting work is, most people are far too much in their own way to get work from home.

That’s right, I guarantee people that I can help them find work from home, as long as they’ll do a few relatively simple tasks, and so far no one is making enough money to support their families from home.

In fact, several people are struggling, refusing to move forward taking my suggestions.

Here’s why:

  • Scared- Apparently not knowing how you’ll feed or shelter your family is less scary than sending emails.
  • Dreams- Maybe someone will come along and give me a job, maybe if I beg enough, get on enough boards and whine that I don’t have work?
  • Entitled- If I don’t do it, I can get help from my mom, dad, or government. I never have to hit bottom, thank you America.
  • Picky- I don’t want to do xyz work. I want to do what I like doing. If I can’t do what I want, I won’t do anything.
  • Greedy- So and so won’t pay me enough to do xyz work. I should make $xx per hour. I’ll just wait for better options to come along. REALLY?
  • Comfortable- what I’m doing today is easy, I know it. Sending emails and asking strangers for work is out of my comfort zone, that’s worse than the shit hole I’m in now.
  • Tomorrow- there’s always tomorrow and today wasn’t so bad. I’ll do it then, I’ll have more time then, I’ll feel more motivated. Bullshit!
  • Busy- I didn’t have time today, I had to play with my kid, watch a movie, click around on Facebook, and chat with a friend… Yah

Guarantee System To Find Work From Home

So what is this system that is so terrifying? It’s really simple actually.

Take a course- HubSpot Inbound Certification, Hootsuite Podium Social Media Certification (not even taking the paid test here), doing Customer Support or VA services if you already know how.

Look like a professional- Set up your resume, your Linkedin, and maybe Twitter (negotiable).

Choose industries- What industries do you want to work in? For instance B2B software, Mommy products, Eco Stores, Lawyers, Geographic locations, etc. Just choose a couple you would enjoy.

Find a list of these companies- Associations, chambers of commerce, vendor lists, etc. To be honest if you come up with industries you want to work in, I’ll help you find this list.

Email Them- Holy shit, this is where everyone runs for the hills. Seriously it’s like I’ve asked them to surrender their first child.

I’ll even write the damn email for people. It almost feels like I want them to get work more than they do. Here’s an email I would send:

Hello XYZ Team,
I noticed you use Groove App for your support system and I wanted to see if you needed any help with that? I’ve worked on support for XYZ company for a year so I’m experienced with customer service and the tool.
Any chance I can help?
Thank you,
Linkedin link

This can’t possibly work, right? Yes it does. In fact a friend of mine sent about 20 emails to companies who used Groove and got a part time job. Getting him to send more emails though is impossible, and he’s already proved this works!!!

It’s absolutely maddening.

I will help every step of the way, as long as I see SOME effort, but I can’t do it all for someone (except when I do, and apparently just enable them for next time they are looking for work and they expect it to fall into their laps).

So what are the results?

In my years of sending outreach or cold emails, I’ve gotten a regular 13% positive response rate. Alex from Weekly Growth gets up to 30% response rate with cold outreach.

So yes you have to send a lot of emails, but they are highly targeted and quickly turn into work, that keeps a roof over your head and food on the table.

Fears That Hold People Back

I get it, sometimes it’s scary because what if someone responds that they are super annoyed you bothered them? I’ve never had that happen, and I’ve sent at least a few thousand emails.

Or it’s scary because someone will respond and say what is your rate? What can you do? And every answer feels like the wrong one because- what if they would have hired you if only you said….

There are a lot of if’s but it comes down to this. If you don’t do it, you don’t get results, you don’t get a job. You don’t have money for Christmas, money for gas, or money to buy your kid a soccer ball.

And, why don’t you have a job? Because you were too scared to send emails, or you kept putting it off, or you hoped that sending in applications would work (guess what, hundreds of other people are sending their applications too).

The work is out there. I’m willing to help but I won’t do it for you. (Yes, I’ve made that mistake before. Giving people work who are unreliable and lose it. Again, I wanted work for them, more than they did.)

For anyone else reading this, how the hell do I motivate these people to buck their prior teachings and go for it? What is the secret?