Knock on wood. Don’t open the umbrella in the house! Walking under a ladder is bad luck. Don’t write in red ink. These are all very common superstitions. Some people are very superstitious and others not so much. A lot of times this has to do with nationality and how you are raised. I come from a big Italian family and I grew up believing in all of the above.

I can remember being a little girl playing outside with my sister and our new umbrellas. One pink and the other yellow with white trim. We were so excited about our new gifts. We ran around our cul-de-sac playing in the rain for hours, laughing and playing all the games little girls do. We were so beside ourselves excited that we ran into the house with our umbrellas wide open. Next thing we know we hear our mom yelling “no umbrellas in the house! get them out on the porch now!” We both stood there frozen and confused for a split second, but then quick reacted and ran outside. My mom apologized and then explained why she was yelling. I think it was ever since that day that I became as superstitious as I am. I have to sit in the same seat in my classrooms everyday, I always exit the same door I used to enter, and I can never ever put new shoes on the table. Crazy? Many may think this, but I don’t. It is kind of just a way of life at this point.

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