A 21st Century President

Has there ever been a more watched public argument? At least it was good to finish on a positive note! When asked “what do you respect about each other”

Donald to Hilary, “I will say this about Hillary, she doesn’t quit, she doesn’t give up. I tell it like it is. She’s a fighter.”

Hilary to Donald, “I respect his children, his children are incredibly able and I think that says a lot about Donald.”

The race to win the White House has never been so contentious, who is ready, who has what it takes to be a 21st Century President.

The Four keys Abilities and Attributes of leadership

Ability 1: Tell me you’re Vision

Give us the Vision; we need to know where we are going more than ever in an era of unprecedented change, complexity, volatility and ambiguity. We need the vision; we need to know you have ideas, big ideas, smart ideas, fair ideas, and honest ideas.

Attribute 1: Can I trust you?

Give us the real you, give us authenticity. I want to trust you, know you will do the right thing, and know you will do what is right for all not just yourself. Know you will not be bought by rich friends or companies.

Ability 2: Walk me from Vision to Action

Translate your vision. We need to know how your global objectives and goals translate to my personal objective and goals. How does your vision impact me? You need to make the complex, simple.

Attribute 2: Are you an excellent communicator?

World class communicator and strategist that knows how to join the dots. This leader can see through the telescope (the big picture) and the microscope (the detail) and make it real for everyone. Take me from strategic policy to personal goal. Show me how it all links and why its important to me.

Ability 3: Delivering Results

Excellent Execution, deliver what you say you will deliver, have a plan, communicate the plan, manage the plan and celebrate the success of the plan. The plan is action. All leaders must be decisive and act.

Attribute 3: Keeping promises and getting cooperation and commitment.

Team Coach and Tactician. Can you get best people to work for you? Building high performing teams is central to execution. You cannot execute without people, we need a leader to energise, engage and execute excellence at all levels.

Ability 4: Bringing the people with you?

Being Inclusive and a connector. We need a master negotiator who can negotiate the global issues with world leaders and build consensus. A strategic influencer, who can relate and respect difference, embrace it and who will find common ground in the most difficult of circumstances and build long term positive relationships with all communities.

Attribute 4 — The Charismatic Connector

A Charismatic Connector, who is smart, never has this skill been more important than now. The ability to connect, negotiate with the difficult and unreasonable, display empathy, patience, courage and judgement, be able to build consensus with your enemy. Hold your nerve and persist until solutions are agreed. This will be key for the next president.

In the race for the White House, only one candidate is actually ready. Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump have both made mistakes, both have tenacity, both have courage, both are tough. But only one has the ability to remain calm in crisis, only one has presidential experience, only one has the diplomatic negotiation skills so necessary and central to the role of President, only one is inclusive, only one has linguistic elegance and will have a collaborative approach with other world leaders. He (Donald Trump) said it himself. She is a fighter, she doesn’t quit, and she doesn’t give up. “She” (Hilary Clinton) will be the next President.

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