What Do Hairy Spiders and Digital-Ready Talent Have in Common?

The spider in question, the inconspicuous female bark spider, weighs in at 0.5 grams and is 1.5 centimeters long.

She is difficult to find, camouflaging herself to match tree bark. Her web, the biggest in the world, is up to 80 feet long. The web of silk she weaves is tough and as strong as steel. The toughness allows it to absorb tension and impact before breaking. Its strength provides resistance to stress.

The silk of the female bark spider is highly sought after by engineers who innovate and experiment to create fibers of the future.

Digital Talent

Digital-ready talent is hard to find, much sought-after, and extremely valuable for companies leading digital transformation. Digital-ready talent has already woven a huge web of contacts, collaborators ready for connectivity on any transformation project. They love change, and mental toughness is spun into their DNA. They are resistant to stress and find new experiences exciting. Innovation and experimentation are their default behaviors. Performance under pressure is their normal.

The skill-sets of digital-ready talent are highly sought-after by leaders working to create organizations fit for the future.

War on Talent

The war on talent is fiercer than ever. Organizations will pay a premium for an individual who can connect, collaborate, learn fast, and perform under pressure. The good news is that these skill-sets can be learned. The greatest advantage will go to individuals who learn the fastest.


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