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There are many different resources that we have in our community with a wealth of cultural value. One of the first places that came to mind was RedLine MKE. Redline got its name from the racist housing policy of Redlining. Neighborhoods would get rankings based on income and race. Banks wouldn’t complete loans to certain areas that had low rankings. This is a completely unfair practice that promoted inequality with racist backings. RedLine Milwaukee was founded in 2009 by Lori Bauman and my teacher (which is so cool) Steve Vande Zande. One way that you could use this as a resource is by taking some time to look at the historical background of this artistic space and the purpose: keeping contemporary art alive and supporting the local community. They address social justice issues in their art and they work towards keeping art an important part of education. The second way that RedLine Milwaukee can be viewed as a resource is the fact that they have a two-year long program where they give local artists the opportunity to work with guidance to enhance their creative abilities. They use a mentor/ mentee relationship that promotes more of the community service aspect every week in which they are making sure that they are giving back to the community what they are learning from professionals. A third way to view this as a resource is simply by visiting their exhibition room where they have gorgeous art provided by local artists, or spending some time working in their traditional printmaking studio. They provide lessons for everybody and its’ another great way to establish new skills in art while giving back to a valuable part of the Milwaukee Art Community.

This is a great resource for our city and the community here because it addresses social justice problems and then works to make a difference. They use art to unite different groups of people who live in the area and also they give a voice to artists who could use a platform. Then it has artists who are required to do community service work at least once a week in a mentor program. All in all an incredibly beneficial resource for this community. What I love most about this program is that it was created by someone that I know personally. Having the unique opportunity to have him speak to our class about something incredibly important and personal to him was awe inspiring because he made his own dreams come true. He uses his passions as fuel to accomplish something beautiful, art with a purpose in the community he grew up in. It’s incredible to watch someone accomplish what they would like to and live out their purpose. He teaches in a high school and also helps teach future teachers how to teach art. Its very beneficial because you can clearly see that he walks the walk and talks the talk.

RedLine homepage:

Referencing Redlining:

While visiting the website Rethinking Schools, I found an editorial on making black lives matter in our schools. I think this is a really important companion to the visit at RedLine because at RedLine they deal with issues of racism and social justice in the community. Making sure that all students know that black lives matter is so important because it is another reason why Redlining as a practice is so wrong. Banks stereotype people based on their races and income, it takes away the justice here.

The next great resource that I attended was Haggerty Museum of Art at Marquette University. The Haggerty Museum is an amazing resource for many people among the city of Milwaukee. As a student at Marquette it helps me a ton to be able to study art right on campus and use it in my assignments. It is also amazing because it provides jobs for students on campus, they learn valuable tasks on how to run an exhibition hall, marketing and about art in general. Students can also take place in the Student Advisory Committee which gives them responsibility to figure out ways that they can take direction in the decision making. This provides a platform for the students to take control of what they are going to experience. I think this is so valuable due to the fact that if students have a general interest in something they can take control of the process and further their interest and inspire them to follow their artistic eye. The Haggarty can also host events per request by students or classrooms, this can become an essential resource for those learning about art. It is also a great resource for K-12 Educators! It is a teaching museum that aims to help with community outreach. The same way that it’s been a great resource for students at Marquette, it’s amazing for future teachers at Marquette. It gives them a free professional museum to use as a key tool in their education tool box. The museum has a few outreach programs such as Water Across Curriculum and the Picasso Across Curriculum that have an outlined lesson plan for how to teach things to children. Then they have links to all of the gallery guides they have used in recent years that they can reference or print out for the students while they are experiencing this together. As a third way that this can be viewed as a resource we look at the work it does in the rest of the community. The Haggerty works with other colleges in the area to make sure that throughout Milwaukee people can share this experience. They allow alumni and parents to visit the museum whenever they want and have tours set up Monday through Friday for groups of adults.

There is such a great air of inclusion in the arts here. Its free, the hours are flexible, and they want you to learn however they can make that happen. Their mission is, “enriching the intellectual and creative lives of students and communities at large through engagement with the museum’s collections, exhibitions, and programs”. In general they want to make the community a better place by keeping art an easily accessed part of society.

Haggerty Museum Website:

C3 Teachers Resource:

This resource is an amazing aid for the Haggerty Art Museum because it talks all about cultural diversity. Cultural diversity is a really important part about learning how to embrace the different ways that people express themselves in art. Going over the things that make us similar and different in art helps them to turn it back into their real life experiences and find more value out of the art.


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