You Are Not Equal. I’m Sorry.
Dina Leygerman

I see the wage gap myth is still making it’s rounds. There is not such thing as women working the exact same job,same hours,same education level and same time worked,who make less then a man. The so called “wage gap” is an earnings gap. It ONLY takes into account the earnings of two people working full time. It does NOT take into account what those two people do for work,their education level,how long they have worked at that job,and how much time they take off. They are literally taking,for example,a cardiologist who is a man,and a woman who works at a boutique full time. Of course one will work less then the other. Women make less because they make different choices in life due to being primary caregivers for their children. Women are also far less likely to get into anything in the STEM field, and when they do if they become a doctor,for example,they are more likely to get into far less profitable fields like a GP or a pediatrician,and even then will still not work the same hours as a man. I have a women doctor. She got knocked up,went missing for an entire year and now only works a couple days a week. This is common among female doctors.

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