5 Common Problems Faced While Apartments Houses for Rent

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Apartments and Houses for rent in Canada | Circlapp

Toronto is considered as one of the toughest Canadian cities to tackle as far as house hunting is concerned. Apart from the hassles of landlords who are no-exactly amicable which you may experience in any city, there are different reasons that make Toronto to a great extreme tough.

As Canada first broker-free housing rental portal As Circlapp.com did an exploration and found the factors that are thorns in the side of those looking for a house in Toronto? See what the hassles you’re bound to face while you are searching for apartments houses for rent in Toronto & the ways in which Circlapp.com can help tackle them.

So, essentially the options are to stay in apartments in the same building as your landlord or to go for a builder flat-which usually has one apartment per floor with an independent entry.

Common problems you face in Toronto while looking for a place to stay as home:-

Finding a safe location

Among the residents of the city, it’s quite regular learning knowledge that aside from the localities earmarked for politicians etc. For someone coming into the city trying to find a place to stay, identifying a relatively safe location can be hard.

How Circl helps: Circl lists verified apartments across the best locations in Canada. This means that the apartments will meet certain quality standard as regards the amenities and the locality.

Finding a house with enough space for all your requirements

That’s the thing with Toronto where until you have actually visited the place, you cannot be sure if it’ll suit you, even if the price looks okay.

How Circl helps: The results you get against a search will have the images of the property as well as a mention of the total floor area. This means that you don’t have to go out and see the property to know if it’s spacious enough.

Finding a place close to your work place

As a city, Toronto is not just old but also pretty vast. For the house hunter, what this essentially means is that to get a great place at a sensible value, you may need to look more remote from your working environment.

How Circl helps: Physically going out and checking if places are available for rent in a chosen locality could be frustrating to say the least. But with Circlapp.com, all you have to do is enter your preferred location and sort houses using your budget specifications.

Finding apartments that let in enough sunlight

No, seriously, that is a problem in Toronto. Notwithstanding the government decree about how much space should exist between buildings, the neighboring building could easily stretch to your window. And when encroachment is nothing unusual in the city, you may be in the dark, even if it’s bright daylight outside.

How Circl helps: Factors like the direction in which the house faces the compatibility are mentioned for each property listed.


As though finding the opportune place isn’t sufficiently hard, once you have identified a decent space, you’ll need to face one more test in the appearance a broker. You can end up wasting money unwantedly with the merchant requesting a month’s lease or more as their bonus.

How Circl helps: Circlapp.com is Canada`s first broker-free house rental platform in Canada. That, we trust, demonstrates how we mean to handle the issue of disturbing agents for you. Your point of interaction will be the property proprietors themselves.


While house-hunting in Toronto using the traditional methods could be a hassle, with Circlapp.com, it become as easy as an evening stroll in the park. Also, with a sufficiently decent space to remain in the city, your mind is put comforted in a city that has plenty to offer in terms of good experiences.

Circl is your all-in-one Apartment rental search, property listing and home maintenance platform for tenants, landlords and contractors. From renting out a room

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