How much does it cost to live in an apartment for rent?

The cost of living in Canada is high, but when compared to the other parts of the world, such as Western Europe, it is relatively cheaper. There is a significant difference in the cost of living in Canada between the rural areas and the major cities such as Toronto or Vancouver, which can be very expensive.

Expats who are living in Canada should expect to spend about 35 to 50 % of their income on housing and utilities including the rent or mortgage), heating, electricity, phone and water. Under the Canadian law, if a person chooses to own a car, it must be insured and registered with the provincial government, which is quite expensive. Moreover, emigrants in Canada spend near about 15% of their income on food (which can significantly increases if the eating in the restaurants) and about 6% on the clothes.

Cost of accommodation in Canada

Rent costs in the Canada differ across different cities and regions. The highest rents are in the cities like Toronto and Vancouver. Expats renting an apartment or houses outside the City can expect to pay lower rents.

Cost if food and other essentials in Canada:

Drink and food in Canada are fairly priced but can’t be considered as cheap, even though they are mostly cheaper in Western European countries.

Clothes and accessories from the branded shops are usually expensive, but clothes become more affordable due to the growth of Chinese-imported products, wholesalers, factory outlets and heavy competition between the stores.

Cost of schooling and education in Canada:

Canada is famous for having an abundance of high quality and affordable schools that attract many international students. Emigrants with the small children appreciate that Canada offers free public education to all the Canadian citizens and permanent residents from the kindergarten until they complete secondary school, which is usually at the age of 18. Each region administers has its own education system, so policies and requirements differ from province to province.

Cost of transportation:

Many Canadians families have one or more cars. Canadians either buy new cars or used or they lease them, which is a form of rental. Make sure that you first think of all costs before you decide to buy or lease a car.

Occasional expenses:

Living in Canada, you will find that every now and then you have to make payments for occasional expenses. For example- school supplies and long distance calls to family, friends in your home country or buying prescription medicines (not covered by health insurance).

The cost of rent for an apartment, basement for rent or house for rent in Canada depends on the size, the community and neighborhood and the age and condition of the apartment or house.