Mozilla: San Francisco All-Hands 2017

Twice a year Mozillians come together for a week of meetings, team time and gatherings in which many are meeting for the first time. At All-Hands there was a specific focus on accelerating growth goals for the remainder of the year and I’m so lucky to have been apart of it! First on my agenda was meeting my mentors. My internship is remote and we reside in different states. This was my one-time opportunity to see them in person.

These photos truly show my joy in meeting them. They’ve both been the nice, genuine people I met via screen-share in March when I was being taught to hack BMO. Emma and Dylan both guided me, introduced me to loads of Mozillians and helped me overcome my self-defeating thoughts (and they thought they were just helping me code :-)) while there. My anxiety was at an all time high. I mean look at all these people!

During All-Hands, I got the chance to sit in meetings pertaining to Diversity and Inclusion, attend Office Hours and Homeroom with the B-team (go Bugzilla!), working sessions that spoke about what’s happening on the Foundation side and much more. Also, since I was in San Fran for the first time I had to be a tourist.

All in all, it was an experience to be had. I even got the chance to take part in a video about Diversity and Inclusion. While nerve racking it helped me get out of my comfort zone and make fear take a back seat. Another important topic that we covered and that you should be aware of is Net Neutrality. We have until the end of August to make our voices heard and win the fight. To read more about this and what you can do, click here.

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