A Grownup Guide to Philadelphia

A few months ago, I wrote a blog post about working remotely from Philadelphia. Exploring new cities has always been one of my favorite things to do, and since living in Philly, I’ve come to know and love my new surroundings.

Here’s a quick snapshot of some of my favorite places for any Grownups out there who are looking to visit the City of Brotherly Love.

  1. Federal Donuts — My first and only true love. Federal Donuts is a magical place. They’ve perfected the art of serving three things: coffee, fried chicken, and donuts. Guests can appease their sweet tooth with a fancy or freshly baked donut ranging from flavors such as milk chocolate sea salt to vanilla lavender. If you’d prefer something savory instead, order a half batch of fried chicken seasoned in flavors like coconut curry, chili-garlic, or buttermilk ranch. Every order of chicken includes Japanese cucumber pickles and a honey donut, so you’re sure to go home happy and with a full belly.

2. La Colombe — La Colombe is another wonderful spot in Philly. This coffee shop and distillery is an ideal place to people watch, grab something to eat, and get some work done. The rugged vibe is created through exposed brick, Edison light fixtures, and street art wall paintings. At the back of the coffee shop is a large glass room with copper drums where the distillery team makes ‘Drum Rum’ — a delicious coffee-infused rum.

3. Keystone mini golf — If there’s one thing I love about Philly, it’s the fact that the mixture of booze and any sort of physical activity is always a dynamic duo. If you’re caffeinated out, head to Keystone mini golf and arcade. It’s a budget-friendly BYOB indoor mini-golf course and arcade. It’s like a boozy playground for Grownups.

4. City Planter — Before I moved to Philadelphia, I never knew how much I enjoyed visiting garden stores #GetOffMyLawn. If you have a green thumb or just enjoy being surrounded by plants and greenery like me, City Planter is like a meditation center for your eyes. Similar to many places in this city, the owners converted an old warehouse into this special little gem. Each time I’ve visited, the staff has always been so helpful and can whip up a custom planter, succulent, or terrarium — and will also deliver it right to your door.

5. Citizens Bank Park — Having been born and raised just outside of Boston, my home team will always be the Red Sox. But because I can’t transport the Green Monstah to PA, I’ve attended a few Phillies games this summer at Citizens Bank Park. It’s the perfect place to hang out with friends, relax, drink a beer, and enjoy warm summer nights.

6. Jinxed — Jinxed is a thrift shop that even Macklemore would love. With four different locations in the Philadelphia region, it’s filled to the brim with a mix of hip, eclectic vintage furnishings, clothing, artwork, and so much more. I’ve noticed that most of their items change weekly because they’re constantly collecting items from secret auctions, exclusive clean-outs, and other selective picks from old Victorian Philadelphia properties.

7. Spruce Street Harbor Park — The first time I went to Spruce Street Harbor Park (SSHP) I couldn’t believe how cool it was or that it actually existed in downtown Philadelphia. The park is only open in the summertime (May to September to be exact) and is the best place to go when you want to be by the water, lay in a hammock, and just relax. At night it transforms into a neon light show — a perfect place to people watch, eat ice cream, drink beer, compete at life-size chess and checkers, or play arcade games.

8. Frankford Hall — Frankford Hall is my favorite spot for happy hour. If you’re looking for a place that has twinkling lights, a huge draft beer list, sausages, pretzels, ping pong and jenga, Frankford Hall is the place for you. The ambiance and overall open design of the space is beautiful. With room to sit both indoors and out, the courtyard area is decorated with long wooden picnic tables and fire pits when the weather gets chilly.

This post was written by Mary Thibault and was originally published on the Society of Grownups blog.