Lights, Camera, Action: Behind the Scenes at an L.A. Video Shoot

It takes a lot to make topics like retirement, mortgages, and budgets engaging, let alone funny. But luckily, we teamed up with creative powerhouse The Fantastical to create our latest series of brand videos. We wanted to introduce ourselves to Grownups near and far, to encourage them to think about their own goals, and remind them: Don’t Panic, we’re here to help. Take a look below at some of the good times we had behind the scenes…

After only a day of shooting, our CEO Nondini Naqui caught showbiz fever. Who knows — maybe our next project will be a reality show about Grownups.

Double Garage

We already loved Yosemite Bear from his famous Double Rainbow YouTube video, but liked him even more when we discovered what a down-to-earth, funny guy he is in person. Here’s Bear with PR and Marketing team members, Rhett and Mary, the day before our “Double Garage” video shoot. If you’re as excited about mortgages as Bear is, check out our homebuying video for more info.

Wedding Plan Surprise

Why beat around the bush when you can say exactly what you mean with a pile of bricks? We knew this video would resonate with anyone who’s ever shopped for a big-ticket Grownup item like a wedding dress, car, trip, or even a bottle of wine. Need to get your own budget ready for a big purchase or life event? Take a look at our wedding/life events video.

Say yes to the…soundstage? Wedding dress shopping in a warehouse is only slightly less glamorous than Kleinfeld’s in New York City. Luckily, our actress didn’t seem to mind.

Facing the Future

Imagine aging instantly and realizing you don’t have enough saved for retirement. Our actor didn’t panic — he let us age him instantly (the wonders of makeup and wigs) to help us encourage Grownups to start saving now. Curious about ways to save for your own retirement? Learn more by watching our retirement video, and try out our debt vs. investing calculator.

Spiders and Money

It’s no secret that talking about finances with your significant other can be scary. Maybe not as scary as having a tarantula crawl on your face, but pretty close to it. Watch our new couples and money video and see how our actor conquered both. (Be sure to turn your volume down for this one.) Sidenote: The actor and actress here are actually married in real life — and talked about their own budget on set!

Salary Negotiation Auctioneer

What’s worse than not knowing how to negotiate your salary? Negotiating your salary without getting results. When it comes to asking for a raise, more benefits, or both, many of us aren’t sure how to have the conversation. Check out our salary negotiation video for a less-than-stellar negotiation, then start preparing with our salary negotiation tips.

Which video was your favorite? What topic makes you panic? Watch all of the videos here.