3. I wish I could go back!

I wish I could go back

to the days when I was so close to you,

to the moments when I need no one except you,

to the memories which filled only with your thoughts!

The days when i rush to prayers,

shedding tears whilst reciting your words,

waking , working , loving and sleeping

all for your sake!

i wish if i could go back to those days

when i could see you in every bit of atom in this dunya,

astonished by seeing your creations,

the one and only who is able to put Together in perfect order,

the very tips of our fingers!

orion constellation

I wish if i could go back to those nights,

when i am astound by the beauty of the orion belt,

staring at the alluring beauty of the triples at the core,

appreciating and relating it to we three sisters!

Each day when I look at the sky,

I prayed if they reached above my home,

travelling the whole world,

‘directing towards the holy ka’aba,

where you preserved the footprint of Abraham,

as a sign for the humanity' .

I wish if I could go back,

to the mesmerising dream of the holy ka’aba,

walking with my mama towards the holy mosque !

Everyday I prayed and wished one day if it turns true.

He always hear me,

all my prayers ,

all my tears ,

and all my whispers!

That day when my dream came true ,

I realised he was besides me all the time,

giving all I want,

fulfilling all I wished,

No words can thank you my lord!

Alhamdulillah for loving me,

Even if I don’t deserve it!!

I wish I could go back

And feel every bit of it once again

With lots of iman,

With lots of love ,

With lots of thawakkul!!

I wish I could love you ,

like this till my last breath and beyond!!