Supreme x Louis Vuitton : The influence of Supreme in the resurgence of legacy logos.


This past week Supreme dropped their collaboration with Louis Vuitton to much excitement from their long time fans and celebrity clients alike. Supreme has, in the last 20 years, become the most prominent and supremely successful skate wear/streetwear brand in the fashion world. Since its beginning, Supreme’s trademark has always been its box logo. The logo, whose font draws on the work of feminist artist Barbara Kruger, stays the same (aside from one collaboration in 1995) despite the color of the lettering or the background. This has contributed to Supreme enjoying one of the highest levels of brand recognition in the world. The brand’s wild success has only increased over the years since it began in New York in 1994.

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Since inception, Supreme has created a space where the brand is perceived as disregarding norms by appropriating other brand logos and using them in original designs. In 2000, Supreme did its first work with the Louis Vuitton logo. They produced a skate deck with the Louis Vuitton monogram on the bottom. This was taken as an opposition to the luxury brands that at that time had turned their noses up at streetwear brands as they were popularly seen in relation to their connection to lower class cultures like skater and hip hop. The pieces were taken negatively by Louis Vuitton who ensured that the skate decks were taken out of the sales rotation and their inventory was burned after they sued Supreme for unauthorized use.

Seventeen years later, Louis Vuitton and high fashion houses have a very different relationship with Supreme and the other legacy symbols of streetwear culture. In 2013 Supreme collaborated with Comme des Garcons on a polka dot jacket and since then, with the rise of legitimacy of streetwear in the fashion world, we have seen an increased acceptance of streetwear’s place in the fashion world.The brands founder now has an estimated net worth of $40 million and the brand has been seen on almost every fashion influencer at some time or the other so it makes sense for fashion houses to want to collaborate with them now in an effort to broaden their markets. The collaboration was announced late last year and Louis Vuitton’s show during Autumn/Winter fashion week the Supreme collaboration was featured heavily from the fanny packs to duffel bags the runway looks were accessorized with red. In true streetwear fashion, Supreme stayed true to itself with its in your face branding everywhere.

This collaboration has influenced other big brand fashion houses too, with everyone from Balenciaga to Burberry and Gucci paying tribute to their 90’s legacy logos and bringing them back in a bold and unapologetic way. Fashion influencers have definitely taken notice as Vogue Paris named the resurgence of the legacy logo one of Spring/Summer’s hottest fashions trends.

It’s a trend that we at love. It is an ode to the old remixed to be fresh and relevant while also giving a nod to streetwear that has easily become one of the most prominent styles in men’s fashion today.

Have a look at some of our favorite influencers rocking the trend.

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Click the image to shop the look.
Click the image to shop the look.