Reversing the Depression of Facebook

I came across this graphic on Facebook this morning and felt compelled to write out my thoughts. Though I saw and posted this to Facebook, it very much applies to my views on all social media channels. Thus I am sharing with the Medium audience as well.

I’ve been trying to do this for awhile. I ❤ you all, but sometimes Facebook is a bit overwhelming for me with the negativity. I’m not into the competition, opinions, or judgement (if you don’t think this way then you’re wrong and I’m either going to tell you why or just trash you behind your back…). It’s like we’re all fighting and arguing all the time. Yuck. Anyone that knows me personally knows that I am a big non-fighter. It brings me down. Makes me feel depressed. Like, cantgetouttabedfor3days depressed. :/

I don’t want to fight. I just want to be happy, do good work, have fun, love and be supportive of the close people in my life. Please stop preaching your views. It feels like you’re yelling them at all of us. That doesn’t make me feel good, nor does it make me want to engage with you in a healthy, respectful conversation about your views. Let’s just simmer down a notch.

We are all human beings. We are all allowed our opinions. I’m not looking to sway someone or convince them that they are wrong. Maybe I don’t feel that drive/need for validation, to make people believe what I believe? Is that what it is? Some feel that desire and some don’t (myself included in the dont’s)? Je ne sais pas.

What I am down for is to share views. You have seen different things than I. You believe what you believe because of your context. And that’s rad! If you want to have an open, judgement-free discussion with the sharing of opinions/views then I’m down for that — always. I love to hear what others think and view, and learning why. That all goes back to someone’s history, their childhood, where/how/with whom they grew up/what they do now in life/who they are/their personality/etc.. That shit is fascinating to me.

I’ve had to hide quite a few people because of this, unfortunately. I try to fill my newsfeed with happy, positive, inspiring, current happenings/people/things. For me personally and professionally. Just know that I am always down for a good, deep, respectful convo, about pretty much anything. So please hit me up if you want to chat, if you’re reading a good book, heard a killer jam, or to share some funny shit. …bc I love to laugh. :)

xx — mb