Joining a talented community while bringing latest design trends to Mexico

Speaking at Women Who Code Boston Chapter while doing my course at MIT.

I am a Product Designer, focused on a design-thinking approach to UI/UX design on Web/Mobile and other platforms. I’ve worked for various design agencies in Mexico City and Guadalajara and been active in technology communities including co-hosting right now one of the most active WordPress communities in Mexico right now: WordPress Guadalajara.

A photo after one of our WordPress Guadalajara events which featured a speaker from the US

I’ve given courses on UX and UI at UAD (University Digital Arts):

A student at UAD going through one of my UI/UX exercises.

I regularly give talks on User Experience for Mobile Apps, such as recently at CUCEI (The University Center of Exact Sciences and Engineering):

My Workshop on UI/UX Design at CUCEI for Technovation Challenge for Women

As well as a design agency here known as 121.

Professionals at 121 agency that I was helping train in UI/UX designs

We typically run through some collaborative wire-framing exercises and canvas boards as we flesh out the design of our projects.

Prototyping during a UI/UX class at the 121 agency.
Prototyping during a UI/UX class at the 121 agency.

This year has been amazing to me as I attended MIT’s Mastering Innovation and Design Thinking course in January with the goal of being able to run through Design Thinking workshops in Mexico this year. Part of co-organizing WordPress Guadalajara has meant working together on also organizing GDL Dev Comms which is a collaboration between 6 communities in Guadalajara for the Talent Land Conference here in Guadalajara in 2 weeks where I will be a mentor and speaker.

Out in the cold in front of the MIT campus when attending my Mastering Innovation and Design Thinking course

I’ve found training with new design trends along with being able to teach them myself in Mexico has enriched my personal and professional growth with design. I always look for new ways to enrich my own understanding of the world of design and those within my communities.

Today I’m taking another step in this process by attempting to join an elite team of UI/UX designers on the Toptal UI Designers Community. It would be a great way to get exposure on more cutting edge design projects as I continue to advance my skills as a designer and share it with my communities. I was really drawn to Toptal because they focus on projects from very impactful companies working on products that touch many lives. The user experience on these products are unparalleled and it will be an incredible opportunity to be associated with this community and be able to bring my expertise of UI/UX and a design-thinking approach to these wonderful projects.

Whatever happens during this process, I will continue learning and growing, sharing my knowledge to communities in my home country, México!

Helping a professional at 121 agency on their project in my UI/UX class.
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