Bedroom DJ or is it your new office?

Here’s a thing — using technology to turn your bedroom into an office. Back in the 1980’s everyone wanted to be a bedroom DJ but now it’s all about remote working. Referring once more back to the decade of big shoulder pads and dodgy hair styles, we are moving back to the world of “Small Office Home Office” (SoHo).

Even the independent coffee shops across London have ‘sussed out’ this remote trend. Users are sitting in front of their iMac’s, for hours on end, in one of these outlets spending only two quid on a frothy coffee.

I have been informed, by a person in the know, that places such as Starbucks now rent table space — by the hour. I think the corner of a bedroom is much more suited. It is free, and there is as much tea as you can drink, freshly made on the floor below.

It seems that one can have all the benefits of an exciting new career in the software industry and enjoy the advantages of being at home too.

But how is focus retained? If you have ever had the pleasure of being in a room full of developers and software professionals, you will know that it can be quiet (please see my first instalment of this ongoing blog).

But the beauty of working within such a sector, you can experience the same levels of support and interaction regardless of being in the office or at home. Remote working is not being isolated — it allows one to enjoy peace of mind that technology can offer.