Not so quiet on the bus and why are there no Blue Plaques for technology?

We have overcome the silence, but now it’s a different technology that is impeding my progression — engines. That’s right. Engines. The ones in cars, trucks, taxis and the biggest culprit of all — the double-decker bus.

Double-deckers are beautiful things and are loved by Londoners, for many reasons. Some may like the chocolate bar of the same name but my personal preference, is the fantastic TV programme I watched as a boy. Yes — it was called Double Deckers. If you are in your 40’s, then you will understand. If not there is always google.

Anyway, back to the journey.

Travelling from now trendy Hackney in east London through to the high glamour of Covent Garden, one can indulge and observe many walks of life. All this for a single fare (well, an Oyster card touch in since we are talking technology).

A user experience like no other, this is something that must be seen. From the middle-aged man on a skateboard with the flowing beard to the six-foot lady, looking for the model agency — hang on, that was a good-looking young man.

Moving through Ludgate Circus, I notice a plethora of blue plaques, commemorating the people from the past. Then it’s the High Courts of Justice and the Old Bailey. One can only imagine the Gorgeous Georgians gathering for a good old fashioned group hanging.

Writing and publishing a blog is something new, but as I pass through Fleet Street, I wonder how the hacks of a century ago would have thought about an online article. When cut and paste meant using scissors and glue.

I guess this is progression. One day, there may be interactive signs marking the place where technology was created. Maybe something for Sir Tim Berners-Lee, if only he lived in central London. That reminds me of the day I interviewed the inventor of the World Wide Web. I asked if it will end up being a vehicle for shopping and porn, and the interview was over, he walked. I guess I was wrong?

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