Living with Chronic Migraines; My Personal Experience
Brian Wangila

Hi Brian, like you I also suffer from migraines and I can relate to your story and your anxiety almost 100%. I used to have some sort of headache daily and without warning I would get a migraine every few days which would last for anywhere from 2 to 6 days and this would happen around 3 times a month so I was barely ever pain free. I miss quite a few days of work because of migraines and started to worry I would lose my job. Desperate for help I tried a number of things to help control my migraines. I used to use triptans on an almost daily basis which is one of the things that made my migraines re-bound. Last year in August I bought a book called Heal Your Headache which made me realise that I had to stop taking the Triptans and only stick to NSAIDS like ibuprofen which wouldn’t cause my migraines to rebound. It also discusses a chemical called tyramine which is present in a lot food so I went on a tyramine free diet which is outlined in the book. It is quite a strict diet and makes it difficult to eat out and all that but it has helped me eliminate food triggers. I had given up alcohol 3yrs before going on the diet because that is also a major trigger. I also started taking 5HTP supplements which relieved me of the tense throbbing background headache that used to plague me every day even when I didn’t have a migraine. I read up on scientific studies using 5HTP and the recommended dose was 300ml. You can find it at some chemists and places in Nairobi but it’s not cheap. The diet, 5HTP and no alcohol has helped me a lot and I have pain free days more often that days with pain. It has not totally eliminated my migraines but it has made life a lot more manageable since. I hope this helps you.

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