Creating an experience with multiple benefits

When you think of ad tech, what is truly incredible, is the enormous size and complexity of it all. Unless you are involved with the industry, I can be fairly certain that ad/segment buying does not make the top of your list of things to get to know. It all gets so complex that not only are there specialized positions to help advertising professionals guide the transactions, but also tools to help those experts make better and more timely decisions.

This is how we came to meet AffinityAnswers. Established in the early days of social, AffinityAnswers gained a following within the media and entertainment space by thinking ahead of the curve and creating a way to target audiences through their social habits. Looking to expand their footprint they approached us to help them revitalize their brand and shape an entirely new, cohesive marketing experience for their prospects and customers.

We met with their team to dive into their tools first-hand. Immediately we realized that the true excitement was in seeing how brands were getting tied together in real-time and the best way for people to understand was to give them something to experiment themselves. From that moment, the Activation Planner was born.

We needed to keep it simple, just start typing a brand name and let the data tell the story, showing visually how a brand was connected to both expected and many unexpected audiences. This was what we considered the unique appeal of the software, finding those audiences that you never would have thought to attract. After putting together some initial wireframes and talking through the flow, AffinityAnswers proposed we take it even one step further, making the data fully usable — giving viewers the ability display in their own proposals and export the results for ad buying platforms.

The application is now a core part of the sales and marketing process, with search widget and deep-link integrations throughout the AffinityAnswers website to provide context and giving the sales team a unique and personalized way to start conversations.

Actually, why not give it a try yourself?

Activation Planner — Reach Estimation Tool

This project taught us to ask ourselves a few key questions that we now incorporate into our brainstorming process.

  1. What extra benefits can be added to give the audience something to take away and remember you. Is a downloadable version possible? Can we make future steps of the process easier? Can we make the viewer’s job easier or give them more credibility? Bonus points if it adds to the bottom line.
  2. The best examples are ones shown in context or curated for the viewer. Does the application integrate well with other marketing materials, reinforcing the story being told? Can it support multiple parts of the business, giving an extra hand to sales and support?

Of course Activation Planner doesn’t end here, it’s only the beginning. As we continue to learn more about usage and analyze feedback we will continue to make iterations and improve the experience.

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