Mashbox Launches Real-time Demo of Clarify Search API

When we started Mashbox we weren’t only driven by the engaging applications we get to build, but also the chance to work directly with the companies behind today’s most cutting-edge data technologies.

These early data-based companies, unlike other internet based businesses, face two steep marketing challenges from day one. First, how can they get more engineers to sign-up and rally around the technology, creating a community and generating use-cases in the wild? Second, how to get noticed outside of the engineering department and into the crosshairs of the product managers and executives making decisions at the top level for deeper partnerships?

Getting noticed by that business audience early, and making it a strong impression that reinforces the core vision as you see it, is an area many API companies lose sight of by focusing solely on building that developer community. We encourage companies to showcase their vision in making the first impression, which can lead to long-term relationships and incredible ideas from others.

Case in Point:

Not long ago, I was introduced to Clarify, a company right in our own backyard doing incredible things with audio and video. They were having some challenges getting people to truly understand the full capabilities of their platform, and were looking to showcase one of their most compelling features.

The goal for Clarify was simple, but hefty — they needed to “WOW” people. They also needed it to be versatile enough to handle new features and content as they were released by their engineering team. We gave it the codename of “Project Jigsaw”, a way to show how all of the pieces fit together.

We launched the first application around a topic that most professionals are familiar with, TED talks. Using only the Clarify Search API we were able to make a catalogue of TED videos completely searchable by the both the audio content of the video and any associated metadata, resulting in a complete solution for any media library. We could then parse and display the results in a way that broke everything down into digestible bits of information — from the total number of times Ken Robinson mentioned “education” in his popular talk on creativity, down to the specific time in the video for each of those mentions. This results in a clear understanding of the technology that can be easily translated to other subjects.

The Clarify API itself is the star of the show; within minutes of creating an application key, we were able to start sending media to the service and displaying results. Then it was just a matter of constructing the right queries for the information we needed. Clarify did all of the heavy lifting; we just helped bring their API to life. End result: WOW!

What does this mean for you? Take a step back and look at all of the ways potential customers interact with your software —is it the way you want them to experience it? Are they able to fully understand without a tour guide? If not, then it might be time to start creating that right solution.

See the demo in action at:

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