Video advertising goes native for uStudio customers

API implementations take many different forms with some being more visible than others, but sometimes the ones you don’t notice make the biggest impact on a business. In fact, you interact with multiple APIs everyday through your favorite sites and applications — from Facebook’s OpenGraph to the seemingly endless number of analytics and marketing automation tools that customize everything you see.

One such integration was our work with uStudio, an Austin-based full-service video platform. uStudio was already progressively thinking when it came to their platform — with a robust set of APIs for developers to extend and innovate, but they really needed a universal plug-and-play solution to integrate Google’s DoubleClick for Publishers video advertising into their out-of-the-box video players.

Working like an extension of the uStudio team, we approached the project from their perspective trying to give the most extensibility and common-sense for the product. The final output became a new native module inside of their own platform that can be enabled for any customer. Allowing each customer to add their own unique AdSense account, ad configurations, and control of the display elements and function of the module while staying within the environment they are used to.

We enjoy working with customers like uStudio, because we collaborate together to find the right solution. We approach every project this way — with the desire to tackle a problem. That’s the purpose of Mashbox, to solve problems no matter how big or small. By working together, we bring a different perspective to a customer’s challenges and are able to create solutions that make a bigger impact and fit seamlessly.

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