Sana’i Kamal Parker-A Bio

Sana’i is the eldest of 4 sons to Nafeesa Malik and Amir Salahuddin. He was given the name Sana’i, which means “brilliance” and Kamal, which means “utmost level, completion” because of how alert and active he was from birth. By the time he was 3, Sana’i had already developed a strong interest in science and the exploration of space. He often talked about supernovas and hyper galaxies even at that young of an age. By age 4, Sanai was reading and was superb at math. He attended the Lotus Academy when he first moved to Philadelphia and it was there where he excelled at the school’s annual Oratorical contests. He then went to Villanova Academy where he won 1st place in their annual science fairs. He began his High School courses at age 12 is currently an Honors student at Commonwealth Connections Charter School, where he maintains a 4.0 GPA and is in their Gifted and Talented program.

Sana’i is involved in various extracurricular activities where he continues to shine in his brilliance. He has competed in his schools Robotics competition where he built and programmed robots made of Legos. He has participated in NASA’s Young Space Explorers program where we was able to visit the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Last summer, Sana’i was the recipient of a scholarship to the Philadelphia Waterworks Project Flow. While at Project Flow Sana’i studied Philadelphia’s watershed and the Schuylkill River. He also learned and developed urban water conservation strategies from organizations such as the Environmental Protection Agency and the Philadelphia Water Department. He is currently an active member of the Civil Air Patrol (“CAP”), an auxiliary unit of the US Air Force, where he recently was promoted to Staff Sergeant. He has participated in CAP’s young Pilots program where he had the opportunity to learn the basics of flying an aircraft. Most recently he participated in the Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge with Schoolyard Ventures where he and his team won 1st place. Schoolyard Ventures is a program that helps teens launch businesses, non-profits and other real-world projects that are meaningful to them. He received a scholarship to Schoolyard Ventures Teen Entrepreneurship Summer Program at Drexel University as a result of this win.

Sanai is also very active at Masjidullah and the in Muslim community. He is Junior Scout leader with the Jawala Scouts, a program in which he has been involved since the age of 5. He is also a member of the Muslim Youth Association’s (“MYA”) History Club where he has been recognized for his oratorical skills. Last year, he was featured at the MYA banquet where he gave a dynamic performance of the Prophets Last Sermon. He is also an honor student with Masjidullah’s Madressa Program where he has been recognized for his outstanding achievement in Arabic and Islamic Studies. He has participated in the Youth Interfaith program of the Interfaith Center of Greater Philadelphia. He is also often seen with his father helping to deliver the monthly food baskets with Masjidullah’s Sadaqa program.

Sanai enjoys computers and is currently finalizing the details of his Computer Repair Business Plan which he hopes to open in the winter, Insha’Allah. Sana’i truly is a personification of his name and we pray that the Most High (swt) continues to keep Sana’i among His favored.

Sanai with his 3 brothers.
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