The Power of Free

I run an app called Maskerade — a hyperlocal anonyous twitter of sorts. I am new to the startup arena, and so far my team and I have not recieved any significant amount of website hits or app downloads. Well that all changed this Monday.

We had previously ordered 500 Maskerade emobroiderd pens — to give out to friends / anyone. When the 12 pound box of pens arrived at my door however, I realized we probably ordered way too many.

So I posted a free merchendise offer over on the “freebies” subreddit on Lesson learned, I have never in my life seen so many people who wanted a free pen before!

663 form responses for free merch, 1714 page hits on Monday alone, 40 app downloads, and 54 Facebook likes — awesome! To put this into context, our best ever downloads per day was on launch day (August 1st) which was about 90 downloads. Also, our website had only recieved a total of 2100 page hits between its creation (early July) and this Sunday (before the post on r/freebies).

Thanks to all our supporters so far! We are working on some cool new features (like Identity Shift and Region Ping), and we are rolling out our marketing initiatives to bring more users to your communities.

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