Doctor Strange (2016) – Review

One of the first things I noticed watching Marvel’s Doctor Strange was Benedict Cumberbatch’s American accent. It hadn’t dawned on me that he wouldn’t have the British accent we were all accustomed to, but after mere minutes it felt completely organic.

The acting throughout was no less than the high standard Marvel has always set, with Cumberbatch stealing the show. Tilda Swinton was also very well received with her portrayal of The Ancient One. A wise old man 👴🏻 in the comics with a distinct lack of hair on his head, one key feature they did keep constant with the female version.

Swinton’s Ancient One immediately had to be a character of subtle strength and strong leadership which both shone through, while not forcing anything with aggression or dominance.

The most groundbreaking achievement of the film, unsurprisingly comes from the Special Effects. The trailer showed a world without limits and the feature displayed this and so much more.

Think Inception meets Harry Potter, if Cristopher Nolan was on some severe hallucinogens

Anyone with a love for the Kaleidoscope will be right at home with the intricate and beautiful fractal patterns that dig there feet in as the core visuals.

If there was to be one criticism it would only be that as another origin story, the construct of the plot is nothing we haven’t seen before. Good versus Bad with the typical montages that go with it. The 2 hour run time seemed to vanish which is often a good sign that a film isn’t just clogging up its duration.

In conclusion, Doctor Strange was a perfect introduction to the character with solid performances from everyone. It’s a great lead up to the Infinity War and plenty more Doctor Strange to come..

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