M&M: Local News Meets It’s Musical Match

Local and recent news has been taken and matched with old and new tunes found of spotify: Check out our playlist here (or below)!

Mason Bendigo: Mason Bendigo

Miguel Rincand: Miguel Rincand

Baseball Player Grind, Working Smarter Not Harder

Song: Work Hard Play Hard- Wiz Khalifa

Work Hard by Wiz is about, well…. working hard. This article looks at the long lasting season of baseball and how to work smarter not harder. Mike Matheny Cardinals manager touches on the long strenuous season and the fine line between working smarter not harder.


Cardinals Spring Training

Song: Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Every baseball fan knows this one and it fits perfect with this article discussing the opening of cardinals spring training. Although training is year around the official start to spring was Wednesday.


Missouri state lawmaker resigned from his charged. Is the third to resign in the last year.

Song: Another One Bites the Dust- Queen

Republican rep. Don Goson submitted his resignation this week. This is the third lawmaker to resign under pressure in the last year. Both people whom resigned prior to Goson were linked or admitted to sexual assault cases.


Convention Officials Think About Tearing Down the Dome

Song: Baby Come Back- Player

Convention officials have been thinking about tearing down the Jones Dome to expand the convention center. The tearing down of the Dome would put the cherry on top with the Rams leaving. This song embodies a majority of STL Rams fans who wish that the Rams would come back to Missouri.


Popular Beer Festival to Move to St Louis

Song: Pretty Good at Drinkin Beer- Billy Currington

The Riverfront downtown is going through some new changes. It is not surprising that the first event held will be a beer festival. Of course St. Louis is no stranger to beer with the Anheuser Busch factory being local. Billy Currington helps set the mood for the upcoming festival.


Lunar Festival In St. Louis

Song: Black Or White-Michael Jackson

The Lunar fest in regards to Chinese culture will take place in St. Louis on February 19th. Black or White is a good song for this article because the gist of the song is paying respect to everybodies culture. This festival is a good way of showing appreciation to the Chinese traditions.


4 year old dies in fire accident.

Song: When I’m gone-Eminem

A little boy dies on a fire and his dad rescued his brother but couldn’t save him, this song talks about the loss of a person and how we need to rejoice for his life instead of mourning his death. This song can give the father a little comfort.


Edward Jones Dome Possible Tear Down

Song: Before He Cheats- Carrie Underwood

No surprise that the Rams leaving has made headlines. With the Rams going to LA, the city has thought about taking down the stadium. Carrie Underwood plays the role of all the bitter St. Louis fans who feel cheated by the organization.


Demolition of I-64 Bridge


The old I64 bridge is going to be demolished and the first explosion is set for thursday. I can just hear ACDC jamming out in the background as the explosives are being planted.


Professor of Mizzou Apologies

Song: Sorry- Justin Bieber

The prof. who yelled at the journalism student a couple of month ago and now she is apologizing again for what she did. But maybe is too late to apologize.