… It would be as a happy man.

Not because I have everything I want, but I definitely have everything I need. ‘Did I just say that?’ (f*ck I really have changed).

Not only do I have everything I need i.e. a roof over my head, food in my belly and people that care, but I have lived a full life. I’m sitting here just a few years away from 40 and fully aware that each chapter in my life could quite easily be a whole lifetime for others… Let’s just say its been “colorful”. I’m not sure I’m ready to disclose the whole journey just yet, but I feel if this is to make any impact at all then full transparency is key…

So why am I writing this, erm, blog? Is this a blog? Am I blogging? I guess I am. I have no real plan other than I felt like it… Ok that's bullshit, I’m writing it because I want a fuck load of people to read it, and like it too. If I’m honest, I think I wanted to do this a while ago, but the ego said;

‘They’re not gonna like it. Who gives a shit about what you have to say? Hold on… do you even know how to write well? You didn't even finish school.’

…But this blog, in itself, is kind of what this whole thing is about. Overcoming shit, owning our fears, the hurdles and blocks that society has so generously given many of us in abundance. I almost feel it’s my duty to share my thoughts with anyone who wants to hear them, maybe for people to resonate with, maybe to prevent some of the wrong choices I made being repeated. I guess time will tell. There’re a million of other guys writing similar stuff because they too want to make a difference, but fuck it, this is my version.

I know I have enough life experiences to share some shit with you guys, it won’t be for everyone, but my journey has taught me the importance of an open mind and that lessons can be learned from the most unexpected sources.

I think I’ll do this weekly, now let’s see how long it takes me to press the publish button.

(Disclaimer: this way of thinking is relatively new, as you will soon find out)