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Alleged Wedding Crasher Bites Police Dog, Officer

We are used to dogs biting humans, but not the other way around. A man, apparently on drugs, crashed a wedding and was causing a disturbance when a policeman with his dog showed up. The suspect then got into an altercation with the police and bit both the police officer and his four legged partner.

Florida Couple Left Name In Gallery Guestbook Before Robbery: Police

They say criminals are becoming more stupid and that might be true. A Florida couple stole many jewels from a gallery, but not before putting their names and contact information in a guestbook. Police found them nearby in a grocery store with the jewels in hand.

Inventor creates ‘poo-free’ loo brush and plans to revolutionise the way we all clean our toilets

As long as humans are on Earth, humans will keep inventing. His new toilet cleaning brush isn’t a brush at all, but it had blades on it to clean the toilet without picking up any unwanted “stuff” on the brush. His has already raised 20,000 Euros on his kickstarter.

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