Dysfunction Thy Name is 49ers

This post must be read under the following premise: The San Francisco 49ers front office staff, has unequivocally redefined the phrase abject failure. Firing Tomsula after ONE season was the epitome of foolish, reactionary management that led San Francisco to its current tumultuous situation.

Tomsula is assuredly NOT the cause of the 49ers struggles, quite the contrary. But, in order to understand the 49ers struggles, and why scapegoating Tomsula was cowardly and nonsensical, the list below details the rampant dysfunction within the 49ers organization:

• 49ers Front office facilitated the departure of a top three head coach (Jim Harbough) because he and the inept general manager, Trent Baalke, disagreed. Unsurprisingly, Harbough went on to lead a perennial conference bottom dweller to a bowl victory over the Southeastern Conference runner up

• The 49ers lost their heart and soul (Patrick Willis). Willis was the heartbeat of the 49ers organization for a long time. His retirement was unexpected, but not connected to Tomsula.

•The front office allowed the best guard in the entire league (Iupati) to walk. But not just walk, they let him walk to a divisional rival (Cardinals).

• The front office allowed the all-time leading rusher in franchise history (Gore), to walk.

• The team suffered another unexpected retirement, this time the leading tackler from the previous season (Borland), again, unrelated to Tomsula.

• Although mostly mediocre or injured in San Francisco, Crabtree was still the team’s most talented receiver and they let him go to a franchise just ten minutes away. Note, he performed exceptionally while well wearing the black and silver.

• The team brought back two criminals on the defensive side of the ball (Aldon Smith — released after DUI, Ray McDonald — released after beating up another woman) neither played a down. Also a criminal on offense (fullback, Bruce Miller, another woman beater) who did play this past season, just not very well.

• Tomsula was compelled to start the season with an undeveloped quarterback (Kaepernick) who was exposed as substantially deficient, once his head coach left for greener pastures. *Note: To mitigate that catastrophe, Tomsula made the right decision to replace Kaeprnick, and the team never looked better.

So what’s left for San Francisco?

The team is left with absolutely NO talent, quarterbacked by a below average freakish athlete who’s weaknesses were hidden by the genius of his former coach. They are left pondering whether turning over the helm to an even more erratic, self-absorbed, unproven coach (Chip Kelly) is in their best interest — a coach who only won with the team and structure Andy Reid built. They are left without the one voice in that organization the players universally respected and rallied around. The one person who remained a ball of energy that always had his team prepared to fight (with the Green Bay game being the lone exception). Now, whomever they bring in will inevitably erode what little chemistry remains. They are a joke, and for the first time in a long time, the WORST team in the Pacific or Mountain Time zone. The front office did NOTHING to compensate for the countless off-season setbacks and ultimately, with Tomsula’s firing, blamed the ONE guy who was fixing it. Coach Tomsula, this may prove to be a blessing in disguise.

49ers Thy Name is Dysfunction

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