STA-BIL Ad: Men and Their Cars

Typically, advertisements in the car industry revolve around a man and a beautiful woman or a dazzling background. Unlike the norm, in this advertisement for a fuel stabilizer, STA-BIL, the car is depicted as a personal trophy in a man’s garage. It shows the owner of a beautiful classic car, as he meticulously takes care of his vehicle with passion. The image of him taking care of his prized vehicle is used to enhance the perspective of those who own luxury cars by characterizing their cars as a novelty or even something to nurture. Seeing this ad, it is clear the campaign is focused on a target audience of wealthier, middle-class to upper-class men who are more susceptible to owning such cars and to buying fuel stabilizer.

In the commercial, the man has taken care of his car perfectly aside from using STA-BIL. His neighbor recommended he used it before the winter, but he did not and now the car will not start. This shows that all his efforts of caring for his car do not count for anything because he did not use STA-BIL!

The USP of this ad is that STA-BIL will ensure your car will run after long periods of storage. The slogan reads, “When you store, start with STA-BIL”. This is a very effective USP and slogan because the target audience is men who have classic cars and want to care of them exactly as depicted in the advertisement. Even the name, STA-BIL has an sense of reassurance sounding intentionally similar to the word stable.

Moreover, the product is effectively advertised to the target audience by its portrayal of the luxurious car as a passion. The pictorial role of the bright red classic car latches on to the emotional connection people tend to have with luxurious cars. The red brings a sort of excitement to the viewer, and the shine and perfectly clean vehicle emphasizes how this product is for those who really love their vehicle(s).

In addition, the ad appeals to the viewer’s need to achieve. This advertisement does a wonderful job of speaking to the audience and declaring that if you truly love and take care of your vehicle, you should use STA-BIL. It appeals to the target audience by ensuring them STA-BIL is the best product to use for storing your vehicle.

Also, some might even argue that this ad also hints at the emotional appeal of need to nurture. With the way the man takes care of his classic car, it is almost as if it were his child. It appeals to those men who want to take care of their car like a women wants to take care of her baby. For many men, this need to nurture is very real. Regardless of how — in the end, the advertisement has strong emotional appeals that focus on the target audience, and do a great job of attracting them to the product.