Smart Brands Create Content with Purpose

When i started out in the marketing world 22+ years ago the vehicles to deliver content were limited. If you had a big budget you could create a TV campaign and influence a wide audience or if you didn’t have the bucks for that you could do a more targeted direct mail campaign or put an ad in a magazine that your ideal target reads, but that was really it. Today consumers are constantly being bombarded with content in so many ways through laptops, smart phones, apps and even while they’re gaming, so its easy to get caught up in simply producing lots of content to keep a brand top-of-mind. The trick is to do that but to make the content have a purpose. Smart content has a goal and delivered through the right channel to the right audience can create a result or as we use to say in the old days “Call to Action”. To be successful at creating content with purpose you need to identify clear goals upfront with your clients other wise your just making noise.