Dear PULSE@MassChallenge Class of 2018,

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3 min readDec 14, 2017


We are here to solve massive challenges. You are elite — one of the world’s most impressive, high impact digital health startups. You are one of 504 applicants selected from a pool representing over 30 countries — an applicant pool that addressed 100% of the challenges we posted.

You made it to the Top-60 for Matchmaking, putting you in the top 12% of the world’s digital health startups.

Our Champions cheering on the Top-60 at this year’s 2018 Matchmaking Dinner.

You are here because our judges want you here. You are here because our partners, your Champions want you here. You are here because we want you here.

You are one of the 32 startups lucky enough to receive at least two of the over 100 partnership offers from our Champions.

You are now in the top 6% of digital health companies in the world.

It is our singular focus to help you win. It is our core belief that if we help you win, patients will win. We are relentless in our pursuit to live in a better and healthier world.

We demonstrate success only when you do. We built PULSE around your business and its ability to achieve its goals and milestones.

Over 50% of the 2018 PULSE cohort has a woman on the founding team.

Starting companies is a difficult and lonely enterprise. You are now a part of the PULSE family of startup founders and team members, industry leaders, mentors, investors, philanthropists, universities, the MassChallenge team, and more. When it gets tough, we’ll be there. When it goes well, we’ll share it loud.

If last year is any indication, this program is going to be one of the most exciting time periods in your life. Buckle up. Let’s improve lives together.

Meet the PULSE@MassChallenge 2018 Startups:

Aavia — Massachusetts, USA
Aluna — California, USA
Astarte Medical Partners — Pennsylvania, USA
BOLD Diagnostics — Illinois, USA
Day Zero Diagnostics, Inc — Massachusetts, USA
DeepHealth — Massachusetts, USA
DocFlight — New York, USA & China
DynamiCare Health — Massachusetts, USA
Edification Project — Massachusetts, USA
Epharmix — Missouri, USA
Epidemic Solutions — Massachusetts, USA
Epion Health — New Jersey, USA
Fitly — Pennsylvania, USA
Folia Health, Inc. — Massachusetts, USA
Healthimation — Massachusetts, USA
HealthRhythms — New York, USA
InsightRX — California, USA
Leuko — Massachusetts, USA
macro-eyes — Washington, USA
Medumo — Massachusetts, USA
Moving Analytics — California, USA
Multisensor Diagnostics, LLC — Maryland, USA
Nutrimedy, Inc. — Massachusetts, USA
Orbita — Massachusetts, USA — New York, USA & Israel
Pillo Health — Massachusetts, USA
SafeInHome — California, USA
TailoredCare — Wisconsin, USA
TelaDietitian — New York, USA
ThinkGenetic — Massachusetts, USA
TORq Interface — Massachusetts, USA
Unima — Jalisco, Mexico

Read our official announcement here.

Nick Dougherty

Program Director PULSE@MassChallenge

Program Director PULSE@MassChallengeProgram Director PULSE@MassChallengeProgram Director PULSE@MassChallenge



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