Smart idea you had here Mass.
Joan Boixadós

Performing better on the SERP (in terms of CTR) brings about a wealth of benefits beyond the obvious, like traffic. I would say these articles would be of particular interest to you:

That said, this was an effort to accelerate improvement and strengthen holdings after growth. (An unintended benefit is that it artificially & immediately padded my numbers, making me look rather kickass without legitimately kicking as much ass as I look to be kicking.)

I wanted to link to keywords that I was fairly certain I would win, but I wanted to do more than just conjuring direct searches. I wanted to hit the keywords that there was at least some minimal competition on. Because I controlled the search query, I felt there was more to gain… even with the compounded risk of backfire by introducing competition (when I have the rare opportunity to mute it entirely).

I plan on doing this more in the future to experiment. I’m confident that I can maintain my position in the SERP for those email-targeted keywords, allowing me to then focus on other keywords as I continue to produce/update/massage content.

In other words, lighten the burden of the easy wins so I can take on some of the tougher, more competitive search queries without sacrificing traffic from queries we already control.

This is why I find this to potentially play a unique role in the juggling/balancing act of keyword strategy.