MassFirst PAC announces Radio ad: “Tuition”

Washington, D.C. — The Massachusetts First PAC today announced a new 60 second radio spot dubbed “Tuition” that exposes Elizabeth Warren’s hypocrisy when it comes to rising tuition costs and crushing student debt for Massachusetts residents.

The ad is featured in a Massachusetts radio buy and begins airing on Friday, June 9th.

“Massachusetts First intends to remind Massachusetts voters of Senator Elizabeth Warren’s dismal record as Senator,” said Alberto Martinez, spokesperson for Massachusetts First. “While Senator Warren has been auditioning for higher office and traveling the country to build her political profile, Massachusetts voters have been hurting. Elizabeth Warren is completely out of touch with her constituents, and we intend to make sure Massachusetts voters don’t forget.”

Excerpt from “Tuition:”

We have some of the highest student debt in the country — an average of more than

$30,000 per student.

But that didn’t stop Warren from getting rich as a Harvard professor.

She was paid a salary of nearly $350,000 — for teaching a few hours of classes each week.

The real irony?

While Warren was raking in hundreds of thousands each year, many of her students

were taking on massive debt to listen to Warren lecture them on…bankruptcy.

Hypocrite professor Elizabeth Warren: huge salaries for her…rising costs and crushing debt for families and students like you.

It can be heard in its entirety online at

June 9, 2017

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