Angular Vs React Vs Vue

What exactly is Angularjs?

In a universe of old, new, and arising front-end JavaScript systems, Angular immediately laid down a good foundation for itself as a standard innovation utilised by many engineers.

What exactly is React?

React is a front-end library for building large web applications with stateful and reusable UI components that allow data to be changed without reloading the page.

What exactly is Vue JS?

Because Vue is a new kid on the block, few businesses have dabbled in Vue JS development, so real-time assessments of Vue’s advantages and disadvantages are scarce. We know that Vue combines the best of both worlds: two-way data binding, similar to Angular, and code flexibility, similar to React.

Angular, React, or Vue.js: which is better?

Now that we’ve quickly reviewed all of the frameworks let’s compare their performance. By the end, you’ll be able to tell when one framework is better than the other.

  • Startup time
  • Memory allocation
  • Determined by DOM manipulation.
  • Green indicates that the framework outperforms others.
  • The colours red and yellow show that one framework outperforms another.
  • All of the comparisons are between keyed versions of the frameworks, and all-time units are in milliseconds.


The JavaScript frameworks are numerous. Each was created to solve a specific problem, but their functionality can be expanded by utilising various third-party solutions that require varying levels of expertise. They are all unique.



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