Having seen how successful the Trumpian strategy had been, they gave up even the appearance of trying to persuade voters—gave up on democracy itself—and doubled down on emotional manipulation.
The GOP Has Ditched Democracy
Douglas Rushkoff

And this is why the press is accused of being The Enemy Of The People”. Not because it says what we don’t want to hear, but because they say what they want us to hear.

It’s difficult for me to respect any public facing institution with no objective agenda, ownership or responsibility to what they say or publish. CNN’s racist attacks of Kanye West and the treatment of Sarah Huckabee Sanders at the Red Hen only serves as a validation of their arguments.

If the established media want to rein in users, they need to set a better example instead of replicating what Trump does, which usually doesn’t work well for some. The media’s remarks have played as much a role in driving this country to the edge as Trump’s rhetoric.