Are We Obsessed?

Lately, I’ve felt journalists have been more focused on Donald Trump than the cause of the problems surrounding him in the news, which, for as long as I can remember, have been in the national and pre-national fabric for ages.

Earlier this week, the media condemned Trump for being too weak when he didn’t condemn the alt-right specifically, calling foul when he said “many sides” were to blame. Well, it takes two to tango, so I agree whether I like that blonde orange oaf or not.

Then, they criticize him for doing the right thing, as if they expected him to be genuine, criticizing his use of a teleprompter to force the words they wanted to hear, not necessarily the right words. The press has not been impartial toward anything, Trump or otherwise, and I feel they are a dividing factor for the public, making politics even more hostile.

The press shouldn’t expect what they know they won’t see from Trump, and should focus more on the people they’re supposed to serve, including the part of the country they forgot existed until they voted Trump. They also need to understand for someone like Trump, who seeks attention, the press coverage is exactly what he wants.

They need to stop. If they really wanna put a prick in his ego, they need to move on and stop marginalizing people that continue to coalesce around him, and instead try to understand what they can do to have a seat at the table, and not a place on the menu.

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