A Timeless Man

A man lived in nowhere, nobody knew him and nobody was aware of his existence. He didn’t speak to a soul in 37 years, but he did not know that for he couldn’t care less about the system of time we used that the Romans had invented. For instance, imagine if rather than a year being 12 months it was six, that would have changed everything ─ we would be in the year 4020 by now, everyone’s age would be doubled and your storyteller would have been a middle-aged man by our standards of time. Or if rather than a year being 12 months it would have been twenty-four, that too would have changed everything… No, our man chose to live life with simplicity and only bothered to look for the essential elements in nature to keep his life rather than to pamper it and spoil it with consumer items that slowly eat up the modern human’s life without him even realizing it. He did not have a name, for he did not choose a name and he did not fancy the idea of having the name that his two conceivers decided to give him. He felt as if it was a characteristic of someone’s own property or personal belonging, his theory being: when one hasn’t got the right to choose one‟s own identity one doesn’t become a human and gets closer and closer to becoming an object of society or part of a group─ which decreases his value as a true free man and his uniqueness fades progressively. He did not believe in neither God nor any spiritual sculpture or anything of that sort, for he considered that his faith was planted in him and plagued against will rather than it being something from within him or something genuine that he chose to believe in himself. Better yet, he believed that religion was no longer relevant to modern sophisticated human beings, for as isolated as he was from the world, he possessed an intellect far more advanced than your average contributor to society. Yes, our man dared to believe in himself, and let the things that held him back loose, he cut all the cords. Today, he has finally decided that it was his time to quit, that he had lived a healthy and moderated life in his eyes and rather than just fading away with time. While consuming greedily from its wonders, he wanted to repay his enormous dept to nature. With that, he got in his hand-made canoe, peddled up the river, stripped down naked ─ just like he had first come into this world — and, with a leap, he was soon swimming with the majestic reptiles that were once related to dinosaurs: the crocodiles. And this time, the reptile was the predator…

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