The Passing of the Comet

As I stared above my head at the dark electric blue sky, feathery lit by the sun’s reflection through the effective humble moon, I was desperately seeking a sight that hadn’t already been overused and abused millions of times before ─ such as the moon, the sun, the clouds, the stars…etc. Hum… perhaps a shooting star, which, in fact, is actually a freely roaming comet presumably a part of the exploded planet that once joined the Milky Way between the red planet and our blue planet. Perhaps that view would be a special treat for my vision, a genuine magic show in a glimpse. Directed by nature, free of charge to please and amaze; breaking the stillness and hopeless standard display of the every night sky.

A spot on camaraderie move from nature’s part, the only requirement is luck, which I find a fair judgment and bargain which Nature chose to decide with whom among us, fortunate enough, would be attending the passing of the Comet AKA: the Shooting Star. This eye-popping view took time to prepare. But time means nothing to Nature… besides, this show would be premiered and rerun for as long as she desires, with frequencies varying from as low as once a year, to as high as once a night. However let me remind you that Nature is a slave to nothing, she has no time to fear, or be ruled upon, no male figure to drag her down; for when she was wed with Father Time, among their vows ─ Father Time promised to give Mother Nature immortality and in return Mother Nature wouldn’t interfere in his work, and wouldn’t frisk about his tools such as age and health letting time take its toll, ruling together among the Living and the Dead.

And when Father Time made his plans, Mother Nature and he decided to breed life on our planet and give birth to Man. Nature, knowing that one day Man would walk the earth, out of sheer love started to create sights and views to spoil man’s eyes with her beauty. Among many of her projects, The Passing of the Comet was especially unique. She started by demolishing a planet not too far from man’s birth place, cut the pieces in 3500 trillion grams per portion, heated each part at a temperature approximated to 1000900000° C for about 1 million years and when they were nice and blazing with fire, ready to orbit, she seasoned them with some speed (8.9104 m/s), garnished them with semi-gravity atmosphere to reduce the risk of overheating or spoiling, and set them carefully on the surface of space….Voila!

By the time Nature was done, Father Time had raised Man to be about 10 millions years old; a mature enough species to understand and appreciate the delight full view… So here I present to you the ‘Natural Poster’ that was never released of the Spectacle:

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