Finishing of the Project

I have been working on Halo the Master Chief Collection for a while now, and it is soon coming to an end. This game is usually meant for missions and, and combat, but I made a game that was like an obstacle course to show that Halo isn’t only meant for killing. On the game there has been times where I wanted to add more of a certain item like a bridge or vehicle, but won’t let me since I only have a limited supply. In my game I have completed everything I wanted to complete, except for making the turrets shoot, and the spawning for the players. Once I do that I will get my friends to test it, and while they do that, I will make sure that nothing lags, so the game won’t be too slow. I planned to work on this at least two times during the weekdays, and the two days over the weekend to complete what I haven’t completed. During my time I was adding some traps, and didn’t realize that my forge character could get hurt the same way a player could get hurt. Hopefully, I will be done with this game by the end of this week.

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