Project Changes

The game maker that I was previously using was Project Spark, but after playing with it for a while, it was difficult to make a game. So, I decided to create a game on either Halo The Master Chief Collection or Halo 5. Now, people usually want to play campaigns or missions. However, I enjoy making the Maps using Forge. What is Forge? Forge is an option on the game where you get to create your own game. I have been using The Master Chief Collection for about a year or two, and Halo 5 is new, but I've been using that for a couple of months.

Since, I have been using The Master Chief Collection longer I feel more confident making a good map on it. So, on the forge option you pick a map, and my favorite is Forge Islands, because all that’s there is three islands with nothing else. This allows me to create what I want with an open space. However, the islands are all different meaning that one is going to be bigger or smaller then the other. On the small island I made a mini game where you are protected by sandbags, but you have to destroy the turrets with your worst weapon. On the middle island, i’m deciding to make a bumper car game where you have to knock off the other opponent using the vehicle, and it’s “powers”. On the big island it’s either going to be a combat place or a maze depending on what’s school appropriate. To continue on making the game, I have made an outline on what I need to add to the game, and what I have already completed working on. Throughout my time working and testing this game, I had moments when I realized that if I add to much stuff the game would lag. Also, I have a limit on supplies I can use with my game money.

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