Thoughts About The Project

Since I have been introduced to many game makers, such as Project Spark, Disney Infinity, etc. I would like to make something with Project Spark on the Xbox One. The reason why this game maker appeals to me is because it allows me to control how the character moves and reacts. So, if I were to spawn a character that I saw, I would be able to move him/her or make them attack the way I want. Also I have used the game, and tried making something, so I know a little about how to use it. It is also really appealing to me because it’s whatever your imagination wants. So, you could get a Squirrel and it could use a chainsaw as it’s weapon. I also believe that using this game, I could be able to make a good quality game that can be fun and enjoyable. Making a game on your own without any help, can be challenging however it would be a great learning experience for myself allowing me to learn more about the game world. I can’t wait to get started!

The Possibilities Are Endless
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