Happy Holidays From Master Demolition Inc.

Master Demolition Inc. wishes you and your loved ones a glorious holiday season!

The whole team’s here!

Thank You

We here at Master Demolition Inc. would like to take this time to say a very special thank you to all of the customers that we’ve had the pleasure of servicing this year. It’s been a wild ride, but this year we have managed to scale up our demolition services to provide more and better results for our customers. We really appreciate the opportunity that we have had to grow both as a business and as a family.

Setting the table
The crew has arrived
Let eat!

Looking Forward to the New Year

With 2015 quickly coming to an end we can look back on the work we have done this year and feel proud. But perhaps more important is our outlook for the upcoming 2016. If our path so far is any indication, the next year is sure to go very very well. We hope to continue to offer our high quality demolition services to all of our customers in Los Angeles County and beyond. We look forward to our demolition team growing larger and becoming even more efficient in their work.

If things go as planned 2016 should be a year of tremendous advancement for Master Demolition Inc. and we hope to share in these experiences with the people like you who make it all possible, again, thank you for choosing Master Demolition Inc.