Inside Our Recent Commercial Demolition Project

We’ve just finished up demolishing the interior of Danmer Custom Window Coverings’ warehouse.

Using scissor lifts to perform interior demolition services

We’ve just finished up demolishing the interior of Danmer Custom Window Coverings’ warehouse. Changing the way things are run in their facility it was time for a rearranged layout. Entire walls and massive doors had to come down in order to realize this new look. The Master Demolition Inc. crew worked tirelessly to demolish these structures and get Danmer the interior they need.

The Right Tools for the Job

Using scissor lifts, forklifts, and an array of ladders the crew was able to reach high above and tear down the towering walls inside Danmer’s commercial warehouse. Each wall panel was carefully removed and the framing came down shortly after. There were also large industrial doors cut into the walls that also had to be demolished. These were intricately constructed and could not simply be knocked down. Using drills, crowbars, and other handheld tools the team pulled the large metal structures from the walls and used forklifts to dispose of the heavier parts.

Watch the Master Demolition Inc. Crew in Action

To our delight, Danmer Custom Window Coverings allowed us to shoot some video footage of our demolition team on the job. You can watch them in the YouTube videos below and see for yourself how we pulled off this commercial demolition project.

Commercial Interior Demolition in Van Nuys
Interior Demolition of Danmer Custom Window Coverings

A Demolition Done Well

Danmer Custom Window Coverings needed to have their warehouse layout restructured, and our demolition enabled them to do just that. Taking out the walls left them with major increase in square footage which let them use the space more effectively for their business needs. We are glad to have seen the demolition go over so well, and are happy to say this job is complete. Commercial building demolition is what we do best. With the Danmer project finished up and the customers satisfied, it’s onto the next one!

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